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Pick a Niche, Don't Be One: The Betrayal of Academia

Once upon a time there was a boy. He had an intelligent and versatile mother, and a boisterous and eccentric father. As he grew, he was exposed to alternative education, charter education, and public education. He dropped out of university, taught himself skills, took some community college classes, and engaged in apprenticeships. He learned and learned and learned, and to this day still tries to learn.

But what is he learning?

Action & Habit: Eat an Elephant and Brush Your Teeth

If you are like me, you cringe when someone uses the term "life-hack". And to make things worse, the folks who beat it to death are typically those douchey, over-amped, keynote-speaker types who claim that theirbundle of hacks "will hands down revolutionize the entirety of your existence as you now live it!".

I've come to learn a chunk about people like these. I've also come to learn a thing or two about perspective, specifically the kind of inspired and optimistic perspective that begets action. These motivational-speed-freaks are obviously doing something right, because they're as rich as a buttered tit, but are their hacks really the keys to their kingdom? Have they really stumbled upon a truth or framework for success that was previously completely unknown?

The Well Fed Artist vs. The Sage Creative

I was having a conversation with a dear friend recently about the age-old “being a sell-out” concept. During the course of this chit chat I “think” I may have stumbled onto something. This thing is not only a new personal philosophy, but also a point of worthwhile consideration for ANY and ALL creatives: how does one make art, not “sell-out”, and remain well-fed physically and emotionally?

Indulge me as I answer this question in as round-about a way as possible. First, allow me to illustrate an evolution that I see all the time with creatives: