"You're the most curious human I've ever met..."

My father said this to me circa 1994 when I was 5 years old. The implications of this statement would be magnificent.

Firstly, I should mention I think bios in general are complete crap, especially when one is writing one about one's self. So, this is not a bio. It does however, seem that this is as good a place as any to breakdown the site's mission as I see it:

This blog will (hopefully) be an anecdotal joy-ride through my mind as I try to live my life as a freelance creative. It includes first-person walkthroughs of life-lessons, commentary on info-products and life-hack manuals, postmortem project reviews, and good ol' tangential freeassociations pulled screaming from the depths of a psyche yet to be completely understood.

It will most likely start out weird as I find my voice and whittle my niche, but bear with me...I can absolutely promise an exciting adventure. My expertise, at any given moment, is finite...but curiosity is infinite. If anything, stick around and see if I meet the same fate as the cat. Meow!

Above photo was taken by Boris Zharkov as part of his latest project.