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3 Counterintuitive Meditation Tips for the Busy-Minded

"Let the battle begin." I think to myself as I adjust my ass on the cushion.

"Breathe in for a count of 1, 2, 3...and exhale, 1, 2, 3..." The disembodied voice soothes at us. "Notice the muscles in your face. Notice your brow, your eyes, your jaw...and allow all tension to melt away...1, 2, 3..."

"Melt" I think. "Cheese" I think. "Chuck E. Cheese" I think. "Man, what a terrible job that would be, to have to sit in a sweaty rat suit all day while kids run around punching and kicking you in your sensitive rat-parts...".

"Darn it! Back to the goddamn breath...1, 2, 3"

My adversary has made his first move.

Big Fishbein, Small Pond - The Law of Averages & The Key to Happiness

Most folks are possessed by one of two fears:

#1 - "I'm not doing enough, not dreaming big enough. I'm lazy and will never really achieve the thing in life that will truly fulfill."

#2 - "I'm too ambitious, I dream too big. I'm afraid that my eyes are always so focused on the future milestones I'm missing out on the joys of the present...and upon my death bed I'll realize in horror the life I could've lived.

I am unfortunately afflicted with both.

Mayhaps not so unfortunate...but before I spoil the ending, allow me to begin at the beginning.

An Ounce of Pre-Production is Worth a Pound of Post

Creative marketing and advertising is sometimes a catch 22. We artists scream for freedom, for pure and unconstrained parameters of creation, yet, we are notoriously lazy, disorganized, and distractible. We clamor that rigid guidelines and fixed turnaround times poison our creative processes...but somewhere deep inside we worry that if truly left to our own devices we’d never get anything done.

These ideas are false. My experience does not show that planning kills spontaneity. It does not indicate a correlation between a firm deadline and a sacrifice of creativity.

An ounce of pre-production is worth a pound of post.

5 Reasons to Nurture a Split Personality

I'm Romeo & Juliet. I'm David & Goliath. I'm Harold & Maude. I'm also John Cusack and all 9 other characters from the film Identity.

I've always found it fascinating how almost every character driven story seeks to only develop a single character to the point of relatability. There can be fantastic depth of character given to supporting players, but you don't see yourself in them do you? You see yourself in the hero.

Or at least you're supposed to...

The Art of Shifting Gears

Rude Awakening
Def: "A sudden and often unwelcome realization."

I can think of no better way to blanket my day-to-day experience: I am constantly riddled with rude awakenings.

I am the kind of person that frequently gets lost in work. Hours fly happily by without notice. I am also the kind of person that positively loathes distraction, but can't seems to be completely and consistently rid of it.