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Passion is Foolish: Pursue it Anyway

"She'll sob for hours staring at the wall. Nothing I say helps."

I happened to overhear this as I sat outside of El Cortez in Brooklyn last week preparing for a night of Karaoke with an old friend. There were two guys, perhaps late 20's early 30's, having a conversation. They were just drunk enough to be perfectly articulate yet entirely oblivious to my being within earshot.

An Ounce of Pre-Production is Worth a Pound of Post

Creative marketing and advertising is sometimes a catch 22. We artists scream for freedom, for pure and unconstrained parameters of creation, yet, we are notoriously lazy, disorganized, and distractible. We clamor that rigid guidelines and fixed turnaround times poison our creative processes...but somewhere deep inside we worry that if truly left to our own devices we’d never get anything done.

These ideas are false. My experience does not show that planning kills spontaneity. It does not indicate a correlation between a firm deadline and a sacrifice of creativity.

An ounce of pre-production is worth a pound of post.

400 Million Years of Wisdom: What Freelancers Can Learn From Sharks

I wanted to begin this article with a hook like, "Freelancers are like sharks, if we stop moving we die". I also wanted to reap some backlink relevance by citing The Discovery Channel's post on this topic...but in reading the article I was shocked to find this frequently used expression a well publicized myth rather than an old truth. 

Bummer right? What a stellar intro that would've been...

5 Reasons to Nurture a Split Personality

I'm Romeo & Juliet. I'm David & Goliath. I'm Harold & Maude. I'm also John Cusack and all 9 other characters from the film Identity.

I've always found it fascinating how almost every character driven story seeks to only develop a single character to the point of relatability. There can be fantastic depth of character given to supporting players, but you don't see yourself in them do you? You see yourself in the hero.

Or at least you're supposed to...